"Dedicated Service Since 1932"


Calendar of Events:
Friday, November 1 � Payday
Monday, November 11 � Veteran�s Day Holiday
Tuesday, November 12 � Manager�s Meeting (GM�s Conf Rm)
Thursday, November 14 � Employee Appreciation Luncheon (Yellowhill Activity Center 11:30 � 1:30)
Friday, November 15 � Payday
Wednesday, November 20 � Board Meeting (CBC Conf Rm)
Wednesday, November 27 � Payday
Thursday, November 28 � Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, November 29 � Tsali Day Holiday

Open until filled:
Children�s Home: Part-Time Resident Counselors
Bus & Truck Department: Part-Time Bus Drivers
Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute: Jones Bowman Leadership Specialist
Construction & Facilities: Carpenter/Mason Skilled and Carpenter/Mason Helper

Closes 11/07/19 Children�s Home: Administrative Assistant

As we come upon the Thanksgiving Holiday, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the hard work and dedication each of you employees show to the Cherokee Boys Club. This organization would not be able to stand if it were not for you all. Every employee here contributes each day, something different and unique. Your work is reflected in the fact that we can open our doors each day and provide the several different types of services that we do. I pray that your holiday is spent with family and or friends and that you can reflect on all the things that you are thankful for. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Greg Owle, General Manager

Payroll Deduction is available for donations to the Childcare Department as well as the Children�s Home. You can donate as little as $1 each payroll. These donations are tax deductible. Please see Tiffani Reed to get a form to get this set up.

The Administration Department would like to welcome Dorothy Swadling as the Accounts Payable Clerk. Dorothy brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the accounts payable field. They are very excited about this new addition to their team. Dorothy can be contacted at 359-5513

The 2019 Open Enrollment packets were handed out October 18th to all CBC Benefit Participants. Each department received a list of the Benefit Participants who needed to receive a packet. The Salary Redirection Agreement Form (Page 2) will need to be completed by ALL Benefit Participants (changes or not) and returned to the CBC HR Office. We are also requesting for ALL Benefit Participants to complete/update their METLIFE beneficiary form (back of the Salary Redirection Agreement form)

As always, All Benefit Participants are encouraged to attend an Open Enrollment Session.

Below are the dates/times for the Open Enrollment sessions:
Tuesday, November 5 | 10 am � 11 am Snowbird Child Development
Wednesday, November 6 | 9 am � 3 pm Cherokee Fair Grounds Exhibit Hall
Thursday, November 7| 9 am � 4 pm CES Cultural Arts Center � Green Room
Friday, November 8|8:30 am � 2 pm CES Cultural Arts Center � Green Room
Changes made during Open Enrollment will be effective January 1, 2020.

MANDATORY 401K Information Session
We are in the process of changing our 401K provider from Transamerica to Lincoln Financial. There will be a mandatory meeting on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at the Fair Grounds. Your department manager has signed you up for a session. Please check with them if you have any questions.

Please remember the Boys Club�s Shop/Fuel Department for your heating fuel needs. Contact Thomas Smith at 359-5590 or Colene Ross at 359-5592 to schedule a delivery. Ask about payroll deduction if you are a Boys Club or School employee (certain rules do apply).

RKLI has moved into their new home. There will be an Open House celebration for all CBC employees on Thursday, November 21 from 12pm � 2 pm. Refreshments will be provided.

Jones-Bowman Leadership Award program fellow, Levi West, utilized some of his award funds to start a mountain bike club for youth and adults. They have been meeting regularly for the past several weeks. This is part of Levi’s leadership goal to strengthen his leadership and social skills by starting a club to be a role model and encourage youth to live an active,
healthy lifestyle. Levi worked with his mentor, Monica Wildcatt, Cherokee Boys Club Children’s Home Director, to develop his leadership goal. Visit the group’s Facebook page for more details:

Members of the Cherokee Youth Council volunteered at the Cherokee Indian Fair on Elder’s Day and Veteran’s Day. They also volunteered a couple of nights at the Cherokee Boys Club Haunted House. On Thursday October 24, 2019 the Cherokee Youth Council attended the Revitalizing Traditional Maori Astronomy presentation by Dr. Rangi Matamua at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Pictured back row left to right: Tyce Neadeau, Emma Taylor, Dr. Matamua, Nola Tessatuskie,
Hope Long, Taiya Rubio, Kyla Moore, Gage Welch, Mathias Saunooke.
Middle left to right: RJ Radford and Brayden Taylor. Kneeling left to right: Tanin Esquivel and Abigail Taylor.

The Duyugodv’i Right Path Adult Leadership 2020 cohort started their 12-month leadership and cultural and training in October. They focused on the core values sense of place and strong individual character by learning about Kituwah Mound, their own personal genealogy and why the EBCI is still in western North Carolina and did various team building exercises to get to know each other. The Duyugodv’i Right Path Adult Leadership program meets two full days each month for one year.

Pictured left to right: Abigail Long, Melissa Smith, Landon French, Chelsea Martinez, Zachary Chekelelee,
Melody Little, Agnes Reed, Dr. Blythe Winchester, and Olivia Blankenship.

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