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House A was completed first. It is a two story complex with a game room downstairs filled with a ping pong table, a huge flat screen television and study areas.

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The Cherokee Children’s Home was started in 1969 when it became evident in the community that children who could not safely remain in their own homes needed a place to stay within the Qualla Boundary. Upon the completion of the first home, 17 children were admitted and the house was quickly at capacity. That same year construction began on the second home and it was completed in 1970 and it quickly filled with 17 more children. A final home was built the next year and it also filled to capacity.

Since these early days many steps have been taken to ensure the safety of children not only from the Qualla Boundary but throughout the state. All group homes such as the Cherokee Children’s Home must be licensed in the state they are in. Since its beginnings the Cherokee Children’s Home has been a permanent or temporary home to over 1,700 youth.

On October 15, 2015 the children placed in our care moved into two new facilities that accommodate 18 children. The property was generously donated by an enrolled member located in the Birdtown Community. It was a joyous day for the children and everyone involved in making the dream of a $2.5 million dollar facility a reality.


Residents learn the value of a consistent daily routine, the importance of chores, and taking care of one’s hygiene and personal appearance. Residents also receive help with homework from caring staff and grades almost always improve during their stay. Individual therapy as well as family counseling is an integral part of a child’s success. This is a top priority out of all the services that are offered. Another important aspect of success is helping residents to become current with well-child checks, immunizations, dental care and so on.

The main goal of the Children’s Home is to aid the family and/or the Department of Social Services in meeting as many of the well-being needs of the child as possible while in care and help in any way to reunify the family. The Cherokee Children’s Home can help the parents learn the routine and schedule of the children so that the transition home happens more successfully. The Children’s Home can work with the child and family until reunification becomes possible.


The Cherokee Children’s Home is licensed by the State of North Carolina. This means that a child from anywhere in the state or nationwide could possibly be admitted into the Cherokee Children’s Home to stay until it was approved by a district court judge for the child to return home or become adopted.

House B is a single story dwelling, but it has ample room and amenities for all of the kids who stay with us.
House B is a single story dwelling, but it has ample room and amenities for all of the kids who stay with us.

The main purpose of the Cherokee Children’s Home is to provide a home for Cherokee children. The Indian Child Welfare Act states that enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe who have to be removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or dependency or the family’s inability to care for them should be placed within their community where exposure to their culture and norms exist. This law was developed to preserve the culture of some of the most vulnerable Native American children and takes precedent over state law and policies. Prior to this law’s existence, adoption of Native American children by non-native families was seen as a major reason for decline in Native American culture.

Anyone can make a referral or inquire about services by calling the Residential Social Worker. The intake process includes an inquiry and application packet. For more information please call 828-359-5575

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The Children’s Home is currently a department of the Cherokee Boys Club. It receives no operational funding directly from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The operations are monitored by a state licensing consultant from the Department of Health and Human Services and a contract supervisor with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Funding is provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs through a Social Services contract and by the state board payments received from the counties who place children who are in their custody. The Children’s Home also hosts an annual golf tournament each year.

The Cherokee Children’s Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

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