HIP- Housing Improvement Program

Applications can be picked up at the Cherokee Boys Club, Inc. HIP Office located near the Ginger Lynn Welch Complex. Just look for a line of yellow school buses.

Physical Address: 52 Cherokee Boys Club Loop Cherokee NC 28719
Applications are not emailed because of the size of application.

Scattered Sites and Tribal Owned Homes
Guidelines and Policies Apply: A Copy of the Policy will be given with application

  • Low Income Elders (Elders defines as 59 � years of age)
  • Disabled through Social Security and Veteran�s Administration
  • Must not own a home or transferred a home in the past 10 years
    • If applicant owns a home it must be substandard and a report from the Tribal Inspection Office must be submitted to the HIP office with details of the inspection of the home.
  • Only enrolled members of the EBCI can be served.
  • Must live on Tribal Property, We do not serve off Tribal Land
  • Must not have been convicted of a drug charge or felony in the past 7 years
    • All applicants will be screened with a back ground check and a drug test
    • All persons with any charges will be reviewed by the committee for service
    • No one that is listed on the registry for or has charges pending of sexual assault or pedophile is permitted to live in a Tribal HIP Community. Scattered sites will be reviewed by HIP Committee
  • All applicants must submit paperwork to the HIP office before the application can be processed
    • Proof of income of all persons in the household
    • EBCI Enrollment Card/Social Security Card of all persons in household
    • Proof of Land Ownership for Scattered Sites (Must only be in the name of applicant)
    • Proof of Disability from Social Security or Veterans Administration
  • Drug Test and Background Checks will be done by the HIP Office

HIP Program Rehab

  • Applicant must be an EBCI Member
  • Applicant must own home and be their only home
  • Home must be on Tribal Property
  • Income must follow HIP Guidelines
  • Cosmetic Work will not be done. An inspection will be done by the CBC C&F Department for work details
    • Example of things that can be done
      • Water Damage to home
      • New heating systems to replace old units that no longer work
      • Structure Damage due to age of home or weather damage
  • Applicant must apply through other EBCI Programs for assistance. Only when those programs cannot assist will the HIP Program be able to do work. HIP may also work with the other programs to complete Rehab if the cost is more than the other programs have budgeted.
    • Below are two programs that are offered
      • HELP Program
      • Healthy Homes Program
      • Paperwork will be submitted to HIP Office to be processed

All applications will be approved or denied by HIP Committee.  A letter will be sent out to HIP Applicants once HIP Committee has made a decision.

The HIP Office will assist all applicants as needed.  Cindi Squirrel can be reached at 828-359-5520 for any questions or help with applications.  Appointments are requested to do applications.  If you should want an application contact the office and one can be mailed or a time for pick up can be given.

Due to the COVID Virus we require applicants to practice the 3 W�s when they visit the office. 

Cindi Squirrel
CBC C&F Asst. Manager